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Premium Women's Razor Handle

$79.99 USD

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Treat yourself to the best in women's razors.

Treat yourself to the healthiest possible shave for a fraction of the cost and reduce your environmental impact. Start using our single edge blade handle and a single sharp razor to enhance your shaving experience. Shaving with traditional methods means that the hair is cut cleanly from your skin causing less irritation. Plastic Cartridge razors operate by the "tug and cut" method where the first blade pull the hair up from its follicle and the following blades cut the hair. This "tug and cut" technique has been shown to cause more skin irritation, ingrown hairs, and acne. Using our razor handle with a single edge razor blade and the wet shaving technique, the hair is much better hydrated and cut cleanly providing a healthier, smoother shave.

Two Billion razor cartridges and disposable razors are thrown away every year. Our razor handle will last you a lifetime and the injection razors can be recycled with scrap metal.

Typical plastic cartridge razors cost an average of $4 USD. Single edge injection blades cost $0.80. Yes, you read that correctly, using cartridge blades cost nearly 5 times more.

A Healthier Shaving Experience

Sustainable Fashion Shaving 5 times less expensive than Our Razor is Better For your Skin